We stick by you long after project completion

Support, remote maintenance, further development and upward compatibility to new versions: these are terms we stand by with our word!

We accompany the systems we deliver throughout their entire lifetime. After the project has been completed, we provide advice and support to ensure long-term functionality.

For this purpose, we constantly keep our finger on the “pulse of technology” in order to be able to offer optimizations with new technologies for the installed systems.


Eberle Automatic Systems
GmbH & Co KG

Dr.-Walter-Zumtobel-Strasse 8
6850 Dornbirn

Phone +43 5572 55580
Fax +43 5572 55580 18

We help you quickly in case of emergencies, but want to act more preventively. That’s why we offer professional support with:

  • Periodic preventive maintenance: functional and visual inspection of mechanics, electrics and IT components.
  • Determination of optimization potentials (set-up times, cycle times, ergonomics)
  • Consulting, planning and coordination for plant expansions and conversions
  • Consulting in spare parts management
  • Training for operating and maintenance personnel
  • Inspection of safety equipment and plant labeling
  • Safety-related consulting: legal regulations and standards
  • Implementation of software and firmware updates
  • Preparation of technical documentation

To provide efficient service, detailed information is important:

  • Company
  • name, phone number, e-mail
  • Machine
  • Type of malfunction?
  • When did the malfunction occur?
  • What has already been done?
  • Can the malfunction be “worked around”?