Dual Academy

NEU: Duale Akademie

What is the dual academy?

The dual academy is an educational innovation of the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, which was developed in close cooperation between industry and AHS students.  It will be launched in autumn 2019 in Vorarlberg for the first time.

The dual academy is unique in this form and is specifically aimed at AHS- graduates, but also students and dropouts.

The dual academy is opening a new training program in the most up-to-date job image that is specifically geared towards the target group of the AHS graduate and the labor market of the future.

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Graduated – and what now?

Training offer at Eberle

IT & Software

With us you will learn deep knowledge in the worlds of programming, databases, encryption, licensing and many more.

Your creativity, independence, reliability and logical thinking are very much in demand.

Do you want to shape the future of business IT? Then apply now.

Duration of training: 2-3 years
Training description of the WKO
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