Dual academy

Duale Academy

What is the Dual Academy?

The Dual Academy is a new type of training program that was developed in close cooperation between business and AHS students. This training program paves the way to a successful professional future for high school graduates who do not want to go to university right away, but also for students without a degree or those who are changing careers.
The aim is to create a further training track for highly qualified employees of the future. The most modern job profiles that the labor market is waiting for are taught in a maximum training period of 3 years state of the art.



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Matura – and now what?


On the occasion of the Sponsion 2017, Managing Director Martin Eberle spoke about the challenges as a cooperation partner and gave insights into the entrepreneurial side.

Training offer at Eberle

Electrical Engineering Dual

Hardware – Software – Future
Virtually all technical products only function thanks to state-of-the-art electronics and software. Only they enable the interaction of the individual components and make the system function as a whole. In the dual study program Electronics and Information Technology Dual you will acquire the necessary qualifications to help shape technical progress.

At our company, you will deepen your theoretical knowledge in a professional environment. Study phases alternate with practical work experience. You will study and work on your professional career during your studies.


Training duration: 2-3 years
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IT & Software

Application developers operate on the pulse of time. This future profile demands competencies that will be essential in the future digital economy. The areas of application for digital developers range from agile software development and data analysis to customer support and the independent management of IT projects and external IT partners. In doing so, application developers demonstrate a positive attitude towards digitization, use new tools and thus act as digital multipliers. (Training description of the WKO)

With us you will learn profound knowledge in the worlds of programming, databases, encryption, licensing and much more.

Your creativity, independence, reliability and logical thinking are very much in demand.

Do you want to help shape the future of corporate IT? Then apply to us.

Training period: 2-3 years
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Mechatronics engineers are the interface between mechanics, electrics and information technology. They are responsible for the development, production and programming of automation systems, create design drawings (CAD) of components and then program and produce them in state-of-the-art production centers. Their tasks also include the commissioning, control and regulation of systems through to the optimization of manufacturing processes. (Training description of the WKO)

With us, you will gain in-depth knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and IT.

Your creativity, independence, reliability and dexterity are in high demand.

Do you want to help shape the automation solutions of tomorrow? Then apply to us.

Training period: 2-3 years
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