Process Monitoring – SCADA

Modern businesses require a constantly up-to-date knowledge of their process data. The data have to be available locally as well as on the go. With our monitoring and cloud solutions, we offer the suitable tools for this.

In order to ensure consistent production quality or to improve it, historical data are required. We provide cloud services and data centers for storing production data. We offer scalable systems, which are suitable from acquisition of operating records to processing of big data.

From the local operator all the way to management, production data must be available transparently. With our user-friendly and scalable monitoring, data can be retrieved quickly and transparently. All of this is possible with different levels of access authorization.


Our monitoring systems can visualize current processes and operating data. Clearly and transparently illustrated data points enable the user to operate safely. For networked solutions, we offer multi-user functions with fine-tuned authorization levels.

We continually expand our solutions for the area of monitoring in functionality. From individual machines to complex centralized or spread out systems we visualize operating data and parameters. The platform for this is provided with graphical interfaces or cloud-based solutions such as the Mobile Control Center MCC


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are necessary to ensure the backtracking of production data. MES store and manage data and pass them onto vertical levels after processing. Both the higher-ranking enterprise level (ERP) and the lower-ranking process control level (SCADA, PLC) can be supplied.

Remote solutions can be used if the resources for an in-house production control system are not available.


Automated manufacturing includes historical data as part of the brain of the operation. All required parameters are stored continuously in the data center. Analyses are carried out and trends are determined based on the data obtained, which in turn are edited and made available to decision-makers.

We provide the appropriate cloud services for these purposes. Our service eliminates the operator’s costs for equivalent local infrastructure. The Mobile Control Center MCC stores data on secure servers run by our company. The data is available around the clock, regardless of the used end device.

3D User Interfaces

Complex equipment and machines are operated and managed through process visualization. A complete and detailed representation of the actual process data in real-time is required for the operator. The challenge consists of presenting the necessary information clearly, transparently and detailed, as well as making it intuitive to use. Disruptions in operation must be identifiable according to the urgency and cause the operator to act.

With our 3D user interfaces, we visualize plants and machines in 3D models. The degree of detail displayed can be selected from an overview to details of the actuators and sensors. Different modules for control, regulation, alarm management and trend analyses guarantee a well-directed operation of machines and equipment. Data values are displayed in real-time. We offer appropriate remote solutions for cross-site requirements.

Human Machine Interface — HMI

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are usually control panels directly on the machine or piece of equipment. Under these often harsh conditions, the operability must be intuitive, detailed and secure. In operation, the HMI is used by the machine operator and  serves as an interface to the machine for maintenance. Therefore, HMI must contain an authorization system.

Our HMI solutions are tailored directly to the respective requirements. Scalable and tested modules ensure intuitive and safe operation. The connections to higher and lower level systems take place via Industrial Ethernet.