Four-Country Supplier Exchange 2018

Four-Country Supplier Exchange 2018

The Four-Country Supplier Exchange Dornbirn 2018 is over – Eberle participated as one of about 90 exhibitors.

At the fourth edition of this innovative networking platform for the presentation and introduction of new technologies, product and process innovations from regional and national suppliers, we have showcased our innovative solutions and products on Industry 4.0, among others.

>>Virtual 3D Systems – Virtual commissioning leads to a significant increase in quality in the programming of controllers with shorter lead times.

>>Mobile Control Center – Our IoT industrial process platform uses the cloud to seamlessly connect the production layer with all business units and automates business data collection.

>>Collaborative Robotics – sensitive, collaborative lightweight robots allow humans and robots to work hand in hand. These intelligent assistants enable a variety of applications to relieve or automate workspaces.