Thematic Workshop Intelligent Systems

Thematic Workshop Intelligent Systems

Eberle hosted the sixth theme workshop of the initiative V-Netzwerk Intelligente Produktion.

Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart and DI Michael Eberle reported on the subject of intelligent systems and on the developments as well as trends in robotics and mechanical engineering and gave insights into the latest developments in science and practice.

In his lecture “Robots  Leaving the Production Halls” Prof. Dr. Siegwart presented current research topics and challenges in mobile robotics. The director of the Autonomous Systems Lab & Wyss Zurich used current examples to illustrate how artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its place in robotics research and enabling new fields of application.

Michael Eberle, modeling and simulation expert at Eberle Automatische Systeme, then presented his lecture “Machines Become Intelligent – Use Cases of Innovative Industrial Applications”, where he talked about the possibilities and current limitations of collaborative robotics, autonomous transport robots and artificial intelligence in practical relevance.

Eberle Automatische Systeme is shaping the future of such high-technology applications and presented current R & D projects in live demonstrations.

This highly interesting event was rounded off with some networking at the final buffet.