We regularly organize activities with the intention of not forgetting fun and pleasure aside from work, as well as maintaining a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

In addition to the community aspect and the relation to daily work, the offered activities also focus on the company’s location within the region of Vorarlberg. The “Ländle” with its various facets is a place to explore, that offers a wide range of excursion destinations, which serve as the basis and source for the planning of each individual trip.

To ensure that none of the 96 municipalities in Vorarlberg are neglected or even forgotten, ever since 2005 it has been decided by lot, where the eventful activities shall take place in the coming year.

The annual Christmas celebration constitutes the conclusion of each year of activities. A restaurant is chosen, where the pleasurable consumption of food and drink, as well as an active and entertaining program are offered. Besides hikes in the snow or winter toboggan rides, the emphasis is always on diversification, in order to finish the year in a lively fashion. Festive tributes and awards to valued employees round off the Christmas celebration.

Activity St. Anton im Montafon

On a fine autumn day, we went to St. Anton im Montafon, wonderfully located at the entrance of the Montafon valley, nestled between the Rhaetian Massif and Davennastock, at 651m above sea level, where a sporting challenge as well as a circular hike with special tasks awaited us.

The daring conquerors of the via ferrata near the waterfall proved their head for heights. The waterfall at Gravesertobel is a registered natural monument with an incredible drop height of 30m and offered our athletes a fantastic view. All of our climbers made it to the top smoothly by lending each other a hand and sharing motivation.

Meanwhile the company’s youngsters explored the environment along the “Muntafuner Gagla Trail”. They were equipped with backpacks, binoculars, measuring tape, compasses, stopwatches and thermometers and had a lot to find and discover. Waterfalls, a pony farm and some beginner physical experiments kept the kids and grown-ups entertained.

To wind down the day, we all had a delicious “Brettljause” at the St. Antoner Hock Restaurant together.

How nice!

Activity Dünserberg

At the end of July we went up high once again!

During the company excursion to the Walgau-Valley and the township of Dünserberg on Walser-Ridge, we got nostalgic during our trip with the  Schnifner Bähnle-Railway, stilled our wanderlust during the ascent and learned all sorts of interesting things while we had the wonderful opportunity of inspecting the ORF broadcasting station Dünserberg.

A delicious snack at Dünser Älpele with the Burtscher family was the grand finale to our summer activity, which was a most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Activity Übersaxen

It was “snow ahoy!” in mid-January for all winter sports enthusiasts at our night-ski session in Übersaxen. Perfectly prepared slopes and clear weather conditions provided for untroubled skiing fun. Numerous rapid descents were followed by the obligatory après-ski break. At Gröllerkopf-Stüble our team was rewarded for their sporting dedication with Käsknöpfle!

With our activities program

we went up into the air. Wucher Helicopter from Ludesch invited us to visit their high-tech helicopter company. During a backstage tour we had the chance to look behind the scenes and learn a lot about helicopter technology. As a special highlight, we got to lift off the ground!